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Get Steel Buildings prices customized to Beebe, Arkansas, 72012

Local Information

Zip Code72012
CountryUnited States
Building CodeIBC 00

Misleading Information - Deceptive Practices

The standards and values of our industry are regularly masked by the deceptive practices of the unprincipled few. These companies deliberately mislead people hoping to increase their chances of a sale. At ICON Building Systems we know that the more you understand about the product you are buying, the more confidant you will be at purchase time.

Arm yourself with information - No manufacturer keeps an inventory of Steel Buildings "ready to ship." Without exception, Steel Buildings are made specifically to order. A building should be designed to meet your needs and more importantly - your building code. Some companies create "general" price lists for common sizes, but the selection is very limited to a geographic area with limited variance in design.

Beware of companies implying they keep an existing inventory of buildings. To find out whether a "clearance" or "cancelled order" really exists inquire on the earliest ship date. You should be able to take immediate delivery on a building "ready to ship."
There is no such thing as making simple structural changes on a pre-designed building. Moving or adding a door opening on an existing or "ready to ship" building - could require the use of a wind column or portal frame. This could change the rigid frame design and render the existing design useless. Additionally, changing the wind or snow load could require the girt and purlin spacing to change and the location of connection plates along columns and rafters may not be located properly. The bottom line is that a structural change most likely requires a new building design. The moral of this story is: If a seller claims to have a building "ready to ship" make sure it will meet or exceed you local building codes and loads and more importantly - your needs.

Proposal or Propose "ALL" - We want to help you eliminate the "gray areas" in a typical building quote. The items listed on your contract should be made clear as to exactly what is being promised. Our itemized contracts are detailed and specific and you'll never see "included" in one price (without a description). All your accessories and options are listed as separate line items. With our online quote you will always know exactly what you're paying for.

Before You Buy

  • Do you know the company you're doing business with?
  • Is the supplier a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a record of dealing honestly?
  • Can they refer you to satisfied customers?
  • Is the physical address to the company available?
  • Can you visit them at their offices?
  • Are they a real company with a history of quality manufacturing?
  • Are they active members of the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)?
  • Do they post any affiliation with any Steel Buildings association?
  • Do you know what you are paying for?
  • Does the Steel Buildings contract give line-item prices?
  • Will you receive comprehensive set of erection plans as you do from ICON Building Systems?
  • Are you getting written 30-year paint and 25-year Galvalume Plus® warranties?
  • Does the contract specify 26 gauge panels?
  • Does their roof panels include a "purlin bearing" leg?
  • Does the roof system have an Underwriters Laboratories Class 90 rating?
  • Are you being supplied with premium fasteners with a lifetime red-rust warranty?
  • Will your Steel Buildings have a sculptured trim package?

Steel Buildings Permits/Codes

Do I need a building permit to build my Steel Buildings?

You will almost always need a building permit. On occasion you will not need a permit to build but you should ALWAYS check with your local building inspector before purchasing a Steel Buildings. Our Steel Buildings software provides default building codes for your region, but you must still verify them with your local regulators.

When I call my building inspector what should I tell them?

When you get in touch with your building inspector let him know what you're planning and you should be able to receive the information you'll need to get a building permit for your new Steel Buildings.

What do I do if I need permit drawings?

We supply the permit drawings to you after you have committed to buy a Steel Buildings from us. We will not begin fabrication or shipment until you have completed the approval process. See the Approval Process section of our website.

What about building codes and loads?

Every Steel Buildings that we ship is engineered to comply with regional building codes, wind load and snow load requirements (as stated on your plans). When you start designing your Steel Buildings, make sure to review your building code specifications very closely. Since there can be varying requirements within regions - you will need to confirm the codes by contacting your local building official. ICON Building Systems is not responsible for confirming codes.

Public Steel Buildings and Churches

Serving the building needs of America's churches, schools and local, state or federal government is a challenge. A church in Tennessee employs a 60-foot clearspan structure with a specially designed hip-roof to accommodate a spacious open sanctuary. Wood and drywall were used to cover the massive steel beams that meet in the center and support the heavy, built-up roof system. Outside, the application of brick gives the feeling of strength and permanence.