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Steel Building
Metal Building

Standard Frame Features

All MetalBuildingDepot.com frames are welded on a state-of-the-art automated submerged welding system. We can produce structural members up to 72" in depth, which means we can manufacture clear-span buildings up to 150 feet wide. A factory primer coating is applied to protect the beams during shipping and erection. All frame members are shop fabricated for field-bolted assembly unless otherwise noted on plans and specifications. Building parts have identifying marks for easy field identification. Structural framing includes tapered beam frames, tapered rigid frames, modular beams and columns, lean-to rafters and columns, canopy beams, intermediate columns, bearing-end frames and endwall columns. Steel used in the fabrication of built-up primary structural members has a minimum yield of 50 KSI. Hot rolled primary structural members have a minimum yield of 50 KSI. Cold rolled structural members have a minimum yield of 55 KSI. Primary framing is shop fabricated and includes all holes required for attachment of secondary members and bracing. A continuous arc-welding process joins flanges and webs of built-up welded members. Endwall columns and rafters are “hot-rolled” built-up "I" or standard “C” sections.


All field connections are bolted; primary bolted connections feature high-strength bolts conforming to A.S.T.M. A-325. Secondary bolted connections feature machine bolts conforming to A.S.T.M.-A307.

Secondary Framing

Secondary framing is made of rolled steel coated with a red-oxide primer finish in gauges from 12 to 16 to provide an extremely rigid, corrosion-resistant structure. Secondary framing includes:

  • Girts (walls) and Purlins(roof) are members that run the length of the building providing rigidity and a sturdy skeleton for attaching the sheeting. They are rolled from steel coils of 12, 14 or 16-gauge steel or thicker if needed. Girts and purlins are pre-punched for easy assembly.
  • Eave Struts are rolled members shaped into a "C" to match the roof pitch. The eave strut is also made of 12, 14 or 16-gauge steel.


Sheeting is 26-gauge "R" panel. Color sheeting has a galvanized substrate to prevent rust and corrosion. All our Galvalume roof sheeting is hot dipped with a zinc and aluminum compound for strength to withstand the worst weather and durability to last for decades.

Framed Openings

Almost every steel building has at least one framed opening; many have several. Most openings are created for an overhead door but can be used for the installation of a glass front or other entries. Many online retailers offer "field located" framed openings that require cutting and fabricating on the job site. MetalBuildingDepot.com always provides factory-located openings unless your project specifies otherwise.

Steel Buildings Framed Opening

Metal Building Glass Front

Connection Clips

We provide all connection clips for easy installation. Specially fabricated clips are designed for secure connection to structural components. Many companies supply only blank plates that must be cut, drilled and/or welded to components before assembly can begin, which may entail hours of work. MBD details and supplies every clip and placement for every building manufactured. We factory weld all clips onto rigid frames and guarantee the correct placement of all component connections.

Structural Bracing

Most buildings under 60' have sufficient diaphragm action or "panel shear" that provides all the bracing needed to stabilize the building. In some cases, high winds, seismic or snow loads may cause more stress than panel shear can handle, and additional reinforcement may be required. For these conditions we will use X bracing to reinforce the frame. In cases where X bracing is not feasible, a wind column is an excellent way to strengthen a vertical rigid frame column. A portal frame is sometimes used in extreme load circumstances; portal frames are fairly expensive and required only in rare circumstances.

Steel Building - Portal Frame
Portal Frame

Metal Buildings - Wind Column
Wind Column

Steel Buildings - X-Bracing


Self-drilling fasteners enable rapid drilling without slipping of the drill point, thus reducing walking and surface marring. The neoprene washer keeps your building watertight and dampens vibration.

Structural Bolts

We provide all nuts and bolts to assemble your building through pre-punched holes.

Closure Strips

MBD steel buildings come with closure strips which, when installed, provide weather tightness. The closure strips are pre-formed to match panel profiles.

Ridge Cap

The ridge cap is designed to match the slope and contour of the roof, providing a tight seal along the building ridge.

Trim, Flashing, Gutters & Downspouts

MBD provides standard trim that gives the building a finished, clean look. Optional gutters and downspouts provide additional protection from the elements.

Plans and Drawings

We provide a full set of anchor bolt plans for the placement of anchor bolts in the foundation. We also provide engineer-stamped and certified construction prints, as well as a detailed Installation Guide. See a sample Plans and Specifications document.