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The trim on a steel building covers corner and edge areas and serves two essential functions: to close transitions and protect from the weather. For example, eave trim creates a transition from the roof to the sidewalls and roof to endwalls. Our trim is easy to install and enhances the look and integrity of the building. Most metal building companies often supply "box" or generic trim pieces, which routinely must be modified because it is created for multi-purpose use and does not fit well on standard panels. MetalBuildingDepot.com fabricates each profile to match the design of your steel building. We do a lot of work in the shop that will save you headaches in the field. We hem all exposed edges of our trim so it installs easily, fits neatly and looks great for the life of your building.

Metal Buildings - Corner Trim

Steel Buildings - Edge Trim
Edge Trim

Jamb Cover Trim (Framed Opening Full-Cover Trim)

Jamb cover trim is an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your steel building. A framed opening full-cover trim provides head and jamb cover trim and sill trim, if applicable, to conceal any red iron at the opening.

Metal Buildings - Jamb

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are generally not required on steel buildings, but they act as trim to enhance the appearance of a building and control drip, splash and drainage.

Steel Buildings - DownspoutsMetal Building - Gutter Profiles

Ridge Caps

MetalBuildingDepot.com uses die-formed ridge caps on its buildings to cover the peak opening in the center ridge of the structure. Some companies provide a ridge roll cover that must be sealed with closures. Installing ridge roll trim is not an easy task. Over time the exposed foam closures deteriorate and could cause leak problems. MBD’s die-formed ridge caps match the panel profile perfectly and are formed to fit the roof’s pitch. Die-formed ridge caps create an almost seamless transition across the roof.

Steel Building - Ridge Caps