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Ridge Vents

MetalBuildingDepot.com supplies gravity ridge vents with a low-profile design. (Because gravity ridge vents are designed to allow free airflow, there may be some water penetration in high-wind, rainy conditions.) Ridge vents are shipped completely assembled for ease of installation.

Exterior ridge vent parts are 26-gauge painted polar white or galvalume; other colors may be available at an additional cost. All interior parts are made of G90 galvanized steel. The substructure consists of 10-gauge saddle straps with interior baffles of 24-gauge steel. Lifter arms and damper slides are made of 18-gauge steel.

Nominal ridge vent length is 10’-0”; they are available with 9” and 12” throats. Bird screens are standard features. Ridge vents can be ordered as continuous or single units.

Operation is manual by activating a pull bar attached internally to bell-cranked type lifter arms connected to the damper with Teflon-coated pins through the damper slides. Dampers are spring loaded to remain in the open position until the pull bar is activated and locked in the closed position. Dampers operate vertically.

Each vent is opened by a pull chain that extends approximately 12” below the roof, unless noted otherwise on the order documents. Different types of opening mechanisms are available at an additional cost by special request.

Ridge vents should not be placed closer than 5’-0” to the endwall steel line to allow room to properly flash the building. For example, a 90’-0” long building with ridge vents along the entire length should have no more than 8 units.

Ridge vents are available with the following accessories:

  • Single unit with screen and damper (center pull 10’-0” – chain package)
  • Single unit with screen (no damper)
  • Continuous unit with screen and damper
  • Hand pull (3 units maximum – 35’-0” plastic-coated cable)
  • Chain hand pull (3 units maximum – chain)
  • Continuous unit with screen (no damper)

Metal Building - Normal Ridge Vent
Normal Ridge Vent

Steel Building - Round Ridge Vent
Round Ridge Vent