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All MetalBuildingDepot.com panels are made from first quality steel – we do not sell seconds or rejects. All panels are 26-gauge sheeting; trim is made from 80,000 PSI material.

Exterior Panels

Our roof system meets Underwriters Laboratories Class 90 wind uplift rating. Standard gauge: 26
Standard paneling: "R" Profile
Roof panels: Optional Standing Seam Roof (extra cost)

Roof and Wall Fasteners

We supply only the finest long-life fasteners for roof and wall systems on every building.

Panel Profiles

Roof Panel Profiles
Our standard roof sheeting is the "PBR" panel, which is available in bare Galvalume Plus® as well as a variety of colors. Wall sheeting is available in "R" and "PBR" panel. (PBR panels may not be available for certain colors and geographic locations.)

Steel Liner Panels
Steel liner panels are coverings for the interior walls of a steel building. They provide a finished look for the interior, but the biggest advantage is protection of the insulation and outside walls. Un-reinforced insulation facings tear easily and even the best-reinforced materials can sustain damage. Liner panels are a good way to protect your investment. They are more economical than other types of wall coverings, which require their own framing. We supply a low-rib 29-gauge liner panel. Like exterior walls, liner panel consists of 3-foot wide panels attached to the framing in the same manner as exterior sheeting. Full-height liners run from floor to roof. Partial-height liners typically attach to the girt at 7'4" and extend a few inches above it. Buildings with liner panels must have a base connection for the bottom of the panel. (See Base Condition.) Ceiling & Wall Liners
A 29-gauge low-rib panel applied to the interior of the building provides a clean, protective covering over insulation or a girt/purlin cavity.


Color or Galvalume
Our design system offers a choice of Galvalume Plus® and SMP colors. You can add a colored roof for a small additional charge. Our standard colored panels consist of a Galvalume® sheet primed and coated with Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP) paint. Both types of panel are very tough. Our Galvalume Plus® and paint warranties run for 25 and 30 years, respectively. The Galvalume Plus® panels cost less, but painted panels enhance the look of your steel building.

Color and Roof Pitch
When considering color or Galvalume, be sure to take the roof pitch into account. Higher-pitched roofs are more noticeable; very little of a low-pitched roof can be seen.

Sky Lights
Sky lights are an ideal way to maximize natural light and reduce utility costs. High-quality translucent panels are an available option for any MBD building. A standard configuration is two skylights per bay.