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Metal Building

Base Condition

All metal buildings have some type of base connection along the building perimeter to enable the connection of sheeting. The "base condition" determines how the panels connect to the foundation. To prevent water and pests from entering the building at the base, panels extend below the finished floor of the building. Our online design system lets you choose from several different base options.

Standard Base Angle
Our design system defaults to a standard base angle condition that consists of a single angle member attached to both the wall sheets and the concrete? slab. Please note that the standard base angle condition requires that the slab be formed with a 1½" sheet notch so the sheets will extend below the top of the slab.

Metal Building - Base Angle With a Notch

Deluxe Base Trim (without concrete notch)
Deluxe base trim is another option for buildings with concrete slab foundations. It combines base angle and trim into one piece while maintaining the benefits of both. Deluxe base trim is available in burnished slate color.

Steel Building - Base Angle Without a Notch

Base Girt (liner ready)
The base girt option is designed for buildings that sit on piers rather than a full concrete slab. A base girt system does not rest on or attach to the foundation; the base girt attaches to clips on the columns about 6" above the foundation. The base girt provides an ideal connection for liner panel.

Steel Buildings - Base Girt with and without a notch

Base Channel (liner ready)
Base channel is a C-shaped section that runs the perimeter of the building connected to the floor. It is most commonly used in connection with the installation of a liner panel or interior wall. The C-section provides a pre-positioned connection point for inside panels. This design requires a sheet notch in the concrete slab. For an alternative, see the combination of base channel and base trim below.

Metal Buildings - Base Channel with and without a notch